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Swindon Town FC Community Foundation

Posted Mar 28, 2019 / Visit site

Swindon Town FC Community Foundation are a community charity in Swindon based around the local football club.

The foundation teach young children to play the beautiful game, run sports programmes for the disabled, hold annual courses for Swindon Town supporters to lose weight together and more great causes in the local Swindon area.

The charity has been called Swindon Town Football In The Community Trust (or STFITC for short) for many years. However, with approval for a new million-pound facility to be built by the club’s stadium, the Trust wanted to refresh their image.

Introducing Swindon Town FC Community Foundation.

Together, we designed and built a beautiful website that allows the people of Swindon to find a programme that better suits them.

Featuring simple additions such as filtering in the news article listing, a new search functionality and a detailed navigation structure, it is easier than ever for local people to find the perfect programme for them

We have also improved the team’s ability to manage their content by dropping WordPress and introducing them to CraftCMS.

With Craft, it’s easier than ever for staff to update their own programmes themselves. I also set up the team with Google Analytics giving them the ability to work out what works by seeing how their users’ are using their site themselves.

Putting all these new features together with a fully responsive experience, unique page transitions and a welcoming full screen background video. Swindon Town FC Community Foundation now have a website to match all the hard work their team put in.