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Say hello to my new site

Posted Feb 07, 2019

After taking the plunge and leaving the world of full time employment in September 2018, I thought it was time to keep track of all the great work I’m producing and log the highlights from my adventure of self employment.

I’m hoping this site can be an avenue for me to share new techniques I’ve learned, skills I’ve refined, or anything to do with my experiences in the world of freelance.

The year ahead

As for 2019, I have set myself a list of (hopefully) achievable goals for the year and I’ve posted them online for everyone to see. I was convinced that having them public will keep me motivated throughout the year, but also give me the opportunity to quantify my progress in 12 months time.

I’ll be updating the work section of my site as I go alongside my blog posts so I’ll have somewhere to look back and think what the hell was I thinking?’

Being a part of the community

Another motivation for me to keep a blog of my thoughts online is the amazingly cooperative and friendly CraftCMS community.

After being active on as many CraftCMS communities (Craft Stack Exchange, Slack (RIP💀) and Twitter) as possible, I’ve learned how amazingly generous this community in particular is with it’s time. Everyone appears to have time for everyone to help fix bugs, develop free plugins or spend hours answering questions from new users to keep the community growing.

This was really enforced from my trip to Berlin last year for DotAll 2018 where every night there were huge groups of new-found friends spending time together talking about their CraftCMS experiences with absolutely no egos.

So, on that, I hope someone might find something useful on here over the next twelve months that could push their CraftCMS site further!