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My first conference talk at DotAll!

Posted Jun 25, 2019

After applying to give my first developer talk at DotAll 2019, the creators of CraftCMS, Pixel & Tonic have given me a substantial vote of confidence and chosen me!

It’s a developer conference so I should probably be talking about something techie, right?

I was very keen to give a talk, but a pretty impressive collection of anxieties and Impostor Syndrome was keeping me from that. So, why not talk about that?

Impostor Syndrome and the Creative Industry

Having learned the news that I was selected to give this talk, I have kicked up my research into the subject. Learning about the history of the disorder, who it affects the most and why are so many creatives hit with it?

I’m approaching it from personal experience, and at the time of writing, I am currently in a down day’ thanks to Impostor Syndrome…

In writing a talk about Impostor Syndrome, it has ironically kicked mine up a gear on a few occasions. But I’m hoping I can make it to Montréal in September and give a talk that might lift the lid on it and make it a more common conversation we have.

I even have my own profile page, so it’s official!

A little help from my friends

Bath has a very good creative industry and a few local developers have generously offered their services to help me make my talk as good as it can be.

Between now and September we’ll be doing some mock talks for me to trial it in front of the target audience and maybe even a real mini meetup to test it in the wild. 

Go and check out all the speakers at this year’s official CraftCMS conference and if you’re into CraftCMS, I highly recommend you make the trip up and watch the talks.

But more importantly, wish me luck!