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Am I ready to be a CraftCMS DotAll speaker?

Posted Mar 17, 2019

After visiting DotAll 2018, the official CraftCMS conference, I can’t wait to get out to Montréal for the 2019 event and potentially be a speaker! 

During the 2018 conference in Berlin, I got the opportunity to meet to a range of developers from around the world and I learned I am not alone in my anxieties or suffering from Impostor Syndrome, especially when it comes to talking in public.

🙌 The CraftCMS community 

DotAll 2018 was a great community environment with no cliques or politics. Just a few days of friendly developers trying to improve themselves and share what they’ve learned with those around them. This feeling led me to considering that this could be the place I’d feel comfortable giving a developer talk?

Being in an industry where it’s on ourselves to keep learning on the job and developing our own skills, I have been told that a great way to really improve yourself professionally is to get a blog up and running where you put your thoughts out there and give talks at meetups or conferences.

Well, I’ve written this very post on my new blog and I have started working on the second by attending a workshop in London and talking at a Swindon Town supporter AGM in front of 400 people.

Putting my hat into the ring

When I saw a Tweet last week asking for people to apply to speak at the 2019 DotAll conference in Montréal, my initial reaction was This has come too soon”, but after a bit of encouragement from one or two in the CraftCMS community, I decided it won’t hurt to at least apply.

This does mean that I have to at least start putting time in to do some research about what I’m going to talk about. I have a rough idea, but nothing I feel comfortable sharing just yet…

👨🏻‍💻 Keeping up the project work

Alongside my new blog and building up to giving a developer talk I have recently been working on some great projects with some amazing clients like Subism, Moresoda and DNG over in the States. I can’t wait to share them with you when they’re ready…